Caf Binder Wins Sail4Life Logo Contest


Sail4Life 2013 Logo

SL’s annual Relay For Life fundraiser kicks off in a few weeks, and the Sail4Life team is hard at work planning events for the SLSailing community. Each year, S4L begins the process with a Logo Competition. That Logo stands for the spirit and commitment of sailors as all join in support for cancer research.

Nber annouces the winner

Nber announces the winner

Thank you to all who submitted logos or helped organize the contest over the past two weeks. When it came down to a final vote to choose among the designs, one anonymous graphic stood out from the rest, and the committee’s vote was unanimous!

Nber Medici was in charge of this year’s contest, and right after the votes were in, she opened the magic envelope with the artist’s name. This year’s winning design is by Caf Binder!!

Frankly, I admit nobody was surprised at that. 🙂

Caf Binder is very well known across the SL grid; He is easily one of the most talented designers and original boatwrights in the SLSailing community.

Go Caf Binder!

 I don’t say that lightly, either. If you were around back then, you may recall that Caf Binder’s first boat, the Jangers, had one of the most advanced script engines of any sailboat when it was released. Caf is perhaps best known however for his phenomenal upgrade of the ACA33. After 2 1/2 years, it’s still one of the most popular boats in SLSailing. 

S4L is proud to have Caf Binders’ design as it’s masthead and theme as the Relay campaign begins. Wonderful job, Caf!

Speaking of which…

SLSailing is full of smart, creative people like Caf Binder; S4L needs their help too. Actually, in case you haven’t figured it out, that means you.

Chaos Mandelbrot is this year’s S4L team captain, and he wants your input; he has a goal to expand involvement and participation to all sailors, grid-wide.

So please think about it:  Do you have an event you would like to sponsor with S4L? Maybe you have skills to help with scripting or event coordination? Or maybe you have strong opinions about the process, and want your voice heard?

Well, GREAT. Let me repeat that Sail4Life is the major SL charity fundraiser of the year, and community support and involvement is vitally important for its success. Sail4Life will only work if it has your support.

I appreciate most sailors are too busy to organize an event, but that’s okay too! Flaunt your support by showing up at any of the S4L sponsored events over the next few months. There’s going to be something for everyone; lots of sailboat races and cruises, over-the-edge parties with loud music, and even a couple events that could get Kentrock and Allie arrested by the SL Vice Squad. 🙂

Oh, and if you have trouble getting into any overcrowded sims to attend those events… Just tell the Linden Bouncer at the rope line:

“Caf Binder sent me.”

Caf demo’ing the ACA33 3.0


One response to “Caf Binder Wins Sail4Life Logo Contest

  1. I remember Caf building the Jangars. He worked under water in one of our golf sims. We still have a free one at the dock by SYC. Thanks for the great pic of me announcing the winner and the pic of a very handsome Caf Binder. !

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