Kudos to Leeward Cruisers

LCC cruisers navigating Mallard Channel in 2010

I just wanted to put in another plug for Leeward Cruising Club. Cate Foulesbane, Kittensusie Landar, and Chaos Mandelbrot are doing a wonderful job coordinating several cruises each week. A few dozen people usually show up, and they can sail any boat they chose, or join another skipper’s crew. The LCC cruise course is always different, and often highlights a new or interesting maritime region. It’s a great way to learn what’s going on across the grid waterways.

Last night’s cruise tried out the Sansara Southern Passage that I mentioned a few days ago, sailing from New Port Yacht Club in Bay City across the new coastal sims to Abbotts. From there the fleet turned Northwest along the interconnected inland waterways and crossed the whole length of Bay of Space Pigs.ย  They then turned North to enter the L-Shaped Lake where they finally made landfall at the B & T Outpost on theย  Northern shore in Marunogere.
DJ Borday was waiting there, spinning tunes! ๐Ÿ™‚

As I mentioned above, the LCC cruises are usually very well attended, and last night was no different! I showed up late, so I didn’t have time to snap pictures of the fleet, but I did save the view from my minimap; if you look at the image to the right, you can make out a long string of sailors at the ‘back of the pack’ as they make way from NewPort into the Southern Passage.

It’s a lot of work to plan and coordinate such an ambitious schedule of sailing events every week, but the trio of Cate, Susie, and Chaos do it with style, skill, and humor. Pretty wonderful stuff, Leeward Cruisers!


Before I close this note, let me add a side comment. When I wrote about the Southern Passage, I complimented the Linden design in part because the hazardous ‘4-corner’ sim borders (the point where 4 sims converge) were tucked out of the way.

During last night’s cruise we saw a good example of ‘problem‘ 4-corners in the L-Shaped Lake region. If you look at the figure below, you see that most 4-corner points in the Lake are on open water near the shore (yellow arrows), in spots where a boat sailing to windward might gybe. There’s actually a worse problem in Kiha, the sim at the southeast corner of the Lake. Kiha has five islands, so there’s little room to navigate as you work you way through. Unfortunately, the islands are arranged so Kiha has three of these ‘4-corner’ sim convergence points (the red arrows below).

I understand why land owners might prefer this arrangement, and that’s their right; I’m not arguing for any campaign to re-terraform any established regions. I’m just bringing up this point again so sailors know where the hazards are, and I’m perhaps suggesting that estate builders use caution when they design future coastal regions around these dangerous spots. ๐Ÿ™‚

This might be a information topic to include in packets distributed by the Open Seas Project.


4 responses to “Kudos to Leeward Cruisers

  1. Noted the reference to the Open Seas Project, Jane. Not sure what to add to the packet, though. This is not a case where we can do much. Unless I misunderstand what you suggest.

  2. Cate Foulsbane

    Ah, Jane..you are kind. Thank you so much for such a positive story about our latest adventures. I love the map shot of the “dots”….hahhaa. Proof that we sort of stuck together, kinda, sorta. Again, thank you!

  3. Thanks to Kittensusie, Cate and Chaos for the out in out cool professionalism.

    And thanks to Jane for the wonderful commentary, and to Orca and the long time sailors who sail with the club.

    Carry on, and keep your VHF radio handy for help from the fleet !


  4. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure many don’t realize all the time and effort it takes to sponsor a constantly changing regatta cruise series, but wow, the Cruise Contingent keeps growing, and each event is a new adventure!
    Kudos to Tory and Manul for pushing the Cruise idea so well, then getting it launched across SL and helping cruisers stand on their own two feet. ๐Ÿ™‚
    As I’ve said above, the new team that took over — Cate, Kitten, and the Duck — is building on Tory and Manul’s legacy.
    I think of Leeward Cruisers as SL’s Geographic Society, in the tradition of Shackleton (see below). Each week they set new goals and sail to far distant shores… always in search of excitement, a few new jokes, and of course a better set of tunes on the next destination dock. ๐Ÿ™‚

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