ACA33 Cup Day One

The ACA 2011 Cup First Round hit the water today! The weather in Fruit Islands kindly cooperated, encouraged by a sim restart or three. 🙂

The initial competition phase of the Cup Regatta consists of solo time-trials; the fastest skippers from Round One will advance to the Semifinals Round, where the fleet will split into three groups.

This week’s first-round trials are all about speed and technical proficiency. Of course, nuances of sailing tactics and strategy are crucial to any skipper’s racing skill, but those talents will be tested later in the regatta schedule, once the fastest runners are chosen.

In this phase, each skipper has three tries to  set a low laptime standard, and their best performance will decide if they join the select group of ACA semi-finalists for the next Round.

So far only one day’s worth of solo laps is complete, so the results remain pretty tentative. The list below shows the first-day rank order only; the actual lap-time scores are not included, in order to prevent potential competition bias. Even at this early stage, however, it’s clear that experienced sailors took advantage of the race, demonstrating a wealth of uncontested sailing prowess. 🙂

Let’s see what happens Friday!

May 5 Speed Trials

ACA 3.0 Results
1. Miwha Masala
2. Lothor Vlodovic Tie for second
2. Viciously Llewellyn Tie for second
3. takabou Destiny
4. Bolt Bashly
5. Cher Bravin
6. Elbag Gable
7. Bea Woodget
8. Ultralas Moleno
9. VitorCr Resident

Lite Racers
1. Ox Seetan
2. Colin Nemeth


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