Open Seas Project

“Nautical activities in Second Life© are getting increasingly difficult due to the many residents who use ban lines over waterways. The purpose of the OSP is to inform and educate these residents on how to minimize the effect ban lines have on nautical activities and to encourage them about keeping waterways navigable.”
Open Seas Project

The Open Seas Project is a joint effort of the East River Community, the SL Coast Guard, and Tradewinds Yacht Club. The goal of the Group is to preserve and promote the navigable waterways in Second Life through education and public awareness advocacy initiatives.

One major objective is to inform landowners about waterways issues and their importance, and then work with owners to minimize the negative effects of obstructions or ban lines. The OSP Website includes a page of information for residents, and the same information is available in-world as a notecard.

The note comes with a set of simple one-prim hazard buoys that an owner can use to mark water obstrucions on their property.

The Open Seas Project also provides a convenient online form tool where sailors can report waterway hazards, overhanging builds, or otherwise  “annoying parcels” they encounter. The form system may relieve some of the drudgery of filing individual tickets for each and every problem you run into while sailing.

However, I think one of the best things about the Open Seas Project is the integration of online information from sailors through a series of in-world networked kiosks.

The network has a central server located at SLCG Station Muirhead that commands all the kiosks; it keeps the information distributed by multiple interactive kiosks up-to-date and coordinated with the online database.

The kiosks can rotate different posters, and give a series of different options when a specific display is clicked by a visitor. You can find a list of current kiosks and their locations here, and the SL Group is here.

Better yet, if you want your own kiosk, just drop a note in-world to Indigo Mertel, and she’ll send you one. They are very easy to set up!


7 responses to “Open Seas Project

  1. The Open Seas Project is one of those great initiatives that comes from the East River community. I remember we used to talk a lot more in the times that joepie was still very active at Free Adriatic. There were projects like the Adriatic area map with ban lines and rezz spots etc.
    I am very glad Tasha got TYC involved in it too. Banlines are a genuine nuisance in SL and (just about) anything we can do to educate people about them or get rid of them completely is welcome. 🙂

  2. I agree 1,000%
    Woots to East River, Muirhead Station, and TYC!
    This is a great, thoughtful initiative that will benefit everyone.

  3. Thank you for this post, Jane. And thank to you and Liv for the nice comments. I have flagged this post for attention on all the social networks I am active with.

    Speaking of which, you should add buttons for “Facebook Like” and Twitter to your blog. They can help driving more traffic.

  4. Open Seas Project has also a nice to remember and inSL working shortcut to the convenient form for recognizing on the fly annoying parcels.
    Just type in chat hit return and there You are, at the WaterTroubleBase-form.
    Thank You for highlighting the OSP Jane 🙂

  5. ups, need to learn typing html right…
    the link to type is

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