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In ten days, the ONE WORLD Regatta will hit the water. There are already eighteen teams signed up to compete; there are also nine events scheduled from January 7 to March 5. Each race is hosted by a different sailing club or maritime estate, and they all represent truly wondrous communities scattered across the Second Life grid.

Are you a wind-beaten, weather-tough skipper willing to take on SL Sailing’s best? GRIN… Well, we can chisel out a few open slots to accommodate you and your crew if you want to prove your stuff.

Maybe you are you brand new to SL Sailing and just want to learn? Well… BIG GRIN… That’s no problem either! This Regatta is for you too! Just join one of the race teams, and you’ll learn SL Sailing is damn near close to the real thing! (and besides, you’ll learn a ton of new jokes and make some GREAT friends world-wide along the way.)

How do you learn more, what about signing up?

Glad you asked! Just click here,
or ask any other sailor that’s signed up! 🙂

See you on the water!

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2 responses to “ONE WORLD REGATTA Ready To Roll

  1. So what’s ‘1930’s regatta wear?’
    Click on Surfwidow’s video from last year’s party: !!

  2. We now have nineteen teams!
    We can still fit at least one more team in before we hit the ‘sim avatar’ ceiling.

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