Waypoint Blossoms!

This article was originally posted to SLSailing.com on March 30th, 2008

Taku Raymaker beneath the cherry blossoms

Waypoint Yacht Club has much to celebrate, and yesterday they threw a great party.

The cherry blossom season in Japan began early this year on March 22, and Waypoint this weekend took the opportunity to hold a hanami in celebration.

Although few of us were aware, the party was for more than the cherry blossoms; it was also Taku Raymaker’s Rez-day! Taku is the Waypoint Commodore and his reputation as a skipper and a sailing leader is well known across the seas of Second Life.

That made yesterday’s party a curious mixture of sushi, sake, and birthday cake.

Sushi, sake, and birthday cake!

Oh! And I forgot to mention the most important news!! Waypoint Yacht Club recently moved from Santa Cruz to an absolutely beautiful new clubhouse in Newport Bay. The new location faces a protected harbor and offers ready access to the new Balboa Island group to the NorthEast, as well as Southern access to all the other open waters of the United Sailing Sims. Waypoint moves to Newport Bay!

A great party for a great new club and another great year of Waypoint sailing!!


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